How Do You Fix a Leaking Kitchen Sink in Virtual Families 2?

Erin Anderson

In Virtual Families 2, there is an option to fix a leaking kitchen sink. To do this, drag the person to the sink and drop him in the workshop. Once in the workshop, you can use the tools to fix the sink. Then, you must restore the plumbing of the house. Fortunately, Virtual Families has a number of helpful tips and tricks to help you solve household problems and get back to living your life the way you want.
Call a plumber
When the sink is leaking, you can try to fix it by placing an adult under the age of 55 on the sink. This will cause it to drip water, and you will then have to get a plumber to help you fix the leak. You can even get the plumber to come and fix the problem for you if you have a spare time. If you can't afford to call someone to repair it, you can just drag the person to a workshop and wait for him to arrive.

In the game, you can also fix the problem yourself. The easiest way to do it is to place an adult under the age of 55 on the leaking sink, and then use the red toolbox to get a plumber to come and fix it. You will need to contact him or her as soon as possible, so that you can pick up your family from school or work. If you've gotten stuck in the middle of a repair job, you will need a plumber. During this time, you can even repair a clogged toilet or shower. To do this, you must go to a store and use the tools you can find in the store. Then, you'll need to nurse your little one until it is two years old, which will take about four hours in real life. Each four hours, your little one will age by one year.
Repair a clogged toilet or shower
In virtual families 2, you can also repair a leaking bathroom or kitchen sink by dragging an adult to the sink. To do this, drag the person to the shop. Then, drop a peep on the hose to reveal the water inside. Then, you can use the tools in your workshop to repair a clogged toilet or shower. You can also fix a hole in the floor by dropping a peep on the green bucket in your laundry room.
Repair a leaking sink
Unlike most games, in virtual families, you must call a plumber to repair a leaking sink. A plumber is a professional who can help you in many situations. During this time, the plumber will visit your house to fix your sink. Depending on the type of leaking sink, you can also use the plumber to fix a clogged toilet. You can also use a plunger to repair a leaking Kitchen Sink.
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